About the Niagara Junior Tour

The Niagara District Junior tour is open to all junior golfers that have not reached their 19th birthday by August 1st of the playing season. Presently there are 5 divisions, Under 19 (U19), Under 17 (U17), Under 15 (U15), Under 13 (U14) and Girls. Both the U19 and U17 play from the same tees while the other divisions would play shorter distances.

There are usually 10 tour stops at different courses throughout the year starting once the players are out of school and run until the third week in August. The focus is the season long points champion and culminates with the last stop and banquet that night. Qualifying is held every year on Father’s Day in June at Beechwood Golf & Country Club. Once a player qualifies for the tour they are exempt for the following year. Most tournaments are early morning shotguns during the week although there is a chance for a weekend tournament. The season long points race uses the best 8 rounds out of 10 with the last round a mandatory counter. That way the players are allowed to miss a couple of events. Players are also allowed to count other tournament scores played on the same day as the tour stops with prior approval from the tour.

There is a fee that covers the 10 tournaments & banquet. Presently it is $450.00 (2015). The players do receive tickets for our year end raffle for them to sell which they keep the money for which will reduce the tour fee by 50%.

The tour also has it official charity which is the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara, a local charity that helps to heal child abuse. the players are asked to raise a minimum of $100.00.

Tour Director

John White

John White C.P.G.A.

Celll: 905-650-4553
Web: www.johnwhitegolf.com